Sunday, October 13, 2013

Perpetual product innovation and development

Busy with Perpetual: A company providing product management services to corporations and startups!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Funny Release Notes

At Unpakt we build awesome products. We also try to have fun while we're at it. Latest release notes from Paul our iOS mayor.

Now this is the story all about how
This app got flipped, turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
I'll tell you all about the new features in the app that's right here

On Xcode I typed, with code I blazed
To make sure when you login your email is saved
Stubbin' out, maxing, refactoring all cool
And makin' sure voice over works as a rule

When a couple of bugs, they were up to no good
Started breaking things underneath the hood
Got one little crash and Amish got scared
And said "You're fixing all the crashes so they disappear"

I fired up tracker and then it became clear
The problems were "fresh", there was a bug buried there
 If anything I could say that this crash was rare
 But I thought nah, forget it, hey bug disappear!

You create a custom item or seven or eight
And you tell to the server "Yo homes, save it for me!"
Look at your inventory it's finally there
All your custom items, and just a touch of flair


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Unpakt: Changing the way people move!

Working with these folks to help revolutionize the industry! Unpakt Verified Mover

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Got my Green Card after a looong wait!!

This merits an ascii chart of the process with timeline:

F1 Visa->OPT EAD->H1B Visa 1-->H1 B Visa 2-->EAD----->Green Card!
            Labor App-->PASS-->AOS App-->Adv Parole----->

2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Each step above comes with it's own anxiety, from interviewing in the Mumbai consulate to not being able to change your job, your job location or your job title while awaiting your green card.

I have stacks and stacks of legal documents collected over the last few years as well as at least $15,000 legal fees (most of it covered by my former company - Thank You Verizon!)

During one phase, you are actually "on parole"! Can you believe that? Don't know why it's called that but if anyone knows, drop me a note!

Many decisions are made based on the green card status including major career moves as well as going to b-school. My advice would be to decide early and make a choice. I was on the side of the fence that chose to wait for the GC. I can't complain, it is a good feeling of relief. They make the process feel so hard that it can't be any other way!

What does it really change for me? 'Peace of mind' : yes, I feel it. I can have multiple jobs now too, and they don't have to be related to technology - weekend barista is me.

That's all for now and I am glad this ordeal is over. Now what?

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Live Soccer New York! With the world cup around the corner - it's time to watch some live soccer - duh.

Just setup a live soccer meetup group! Join in!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My next foray into fiction. A story called "The Race".

Adam revved the engine as he grinned at the neighboring rickshaw driver. He wondered what he was doing at the start of a rickshaw race in the dead of a Bombay summer night.

It had been three years since he moved to the outskirts of Bombay, jettisoning his Wall Street investment banking lifestyle. He had seen it all; private jets to the Carribean negotiating island purchases for Texas oil billionaires, dinners at the Cipriani Club closing international pharmaceutical mergers, banquets with Saudi sheiks discussing oil trade strategies and a plush Soho penthouse overlooking Broadway. With his no limit expense account and VIP credit cards, no destination or restaurant was out of reach.

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